Friday, September 5th, 2014
At approx. 08:10 E-4 and S-4 responded to Sheetz gas station for a small (approx. 3 gallon) spill of gasoline. FFD units neutralized the spill and hosed it to a containment drain.
Thursday, September 4th, 2014
At approx. 20:06 R-4, E-4 and S-4 responded to a two vehicle MVA on US Rt.22 east bound lanes just before exit 3. FFD units assisted with patient care, cleaned up debris from the roadway handled traff...
Thursday, August 21st, 2014
At approx 14:20 C-46 and S-4 responded to investigate a call of a phone line down across all lanes of US Rt. 22 close to exit 3. Upon arrival we found a approximately 3 inch in diameter cable caught o...
Friday, August 1st, 2014
At approx. 22:30 R-4, E-4 and S-4 responded to the area of US Rt. 22 west bound lanes at the Follansbee exit for a motorcycle vs passenger vehicle accident. FFD units assisted with patient care and al...
About us

Welcome to the City of Follansbee Volunteer Fire Department

The Follansbee Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1906 just after the City of Follansbee was chartered with the State of West Virginia in 1906. The first firehouse was one bay garage with a bell tower built with funds appropriated from the City and free labor from the firefighters. Our first apparatus was a hand drawn wagon purchased from Sharon, PA. at a cost of  $200.00. Later a chemical wagon was purchased. As equipment was upgraded through the years it was not until the mid 50's when a larger more modern fire house was needed. The new station was completed in 1957 at a cost of $114,335.00 and is presently in use today.





The Follansbee Volunteer Fire Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality fire and rescue services to include life safety, property and environment protection and fire suppression. We hold high our values and pride of providing service to the individual and the City. We value fiscal responsibility in order to maintain a high level of service to our citizens and are committed to cooperation and coordination with the public sector, as well as private industry in an effort to fulfill our mission.

We encourage on-going training and education of our staff in order to help them provide quality emergency services, suppress and prevent fires and respond to all emergency situations in a timely manner with the latest technological advances.

In accomplishing this vital mission, we are guided by the following principles:

  1. Anticipate and identify the needs of the community.

  2. Maintain the honesty, integrity and loyalty that are an indispensable part of this organization.

  3. Support an organizational and cultural environment that encourages personal growth, empowerment, sensitivity and trust.

  4. Maintain the highest possible quality of service for our community.


The first step to continually improving our Department is to improve ourselves:

Have the confidence to defy the conventional. People, who never dare will, never make mistakes, but without mistakes, there can be no progress. To attempt and fail is far better than failure to attempt at all. The secret is to learn from your mistakes. Making mistakes will not necessarily slow your progress, but making the same mistake twice can stop you dead in your tracks.

Achievement is measured by where we are heading, not where we have been. For the ambitious, satisfaction is found not in the attainment of one objective, but in the challenge of setting the next goal. Our potential is limitless. Remember, the rung of a ladder is only intended to rest your foot long enough to place the other somewhat higher.

Never trade experience for short cuts. Experience is found in the lessons we learn on the pathway to success. When it comes to measuring experience, those who seek short cuts will only succeed in shortchanging themselves.

Foster and nourish your success. The same talents that got you there will not keep you there. Whenever recollections of past accomplishments become too grand, you will become complacent. Complacency is what keeps us from achieving our maximum potential in the here and now.

Egotism and success cannot exist in the same place. There is no such thing as an absolute expert. Be thankful when given opportunity; be gracious when asking for guidance; be tolerant of the opinions of others; be humble when faced with criticism; be open to embracing support from all directions; be kindhearted enough to say "thank you"; and lastly, remember to return the favor.

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